If you are a food hoarder, then Candy Crush is the perfect game for you to play. This game was actually originated back in 2012 for android, Facebook and iOS. And ever since then, it has been one of the top most favorite game apps. It is basically a match three puzzle but with a delicious twist, as the jewels has been replaced by the sweet treats.

This is what makes it deliciously addictive. If you ask me, it is the sweetest game ever!

Speaking of how to play Candy Crush, you just have to match the three similar candies and sweesshh!! It’s done! As long as you keep on moving to the next levels, it keeps on getting a bit harder and a lot more addictive with every passing level.

Candy Crush provides you with five lives and you have five risks in case you screw up, after that, put your phone down and be a little bit patient. Or there’s a second option as well, what you do is you beg your Facebook friends in order to get stocked up.

People are going all crazy over this game. Wait! Haven’t you tried it yet? What are you, an alien? Just try it now and I bet you not to be addicted to it. And I double bet that you’re going to lose.