Angry birds is the most played game of all time and especially it is on top of the favorite list of kid’s games. Children very excitedly play this game and speaking of adults, they act just like children while playing it. To sum it up, angry birds requires no age limit, like literally! By the end of last year, this thrilling game was downloaded by more than 3 billion people. That’s a lot okay!

Let us come to the features and how to play angry birds. Are you good on taking revenge? Then just get on this gaming app. There are angry birds and then there are the pigs. And you have to take revenge from the pigs.

Revenge for what? Because, those pigs actually stole some eggs which belonged to the angry birds. You can’t just let them get away with that right! But as this is physics based game, so you have to use your logic to solve every level. Each and every bird has its unique powers in order to destroy the greedy pig.

Use logic along with skill and you’ll easily pass every level. In addition to this, if you get stuck in somewhere difficult, you can take help of the Mighty Eagle. This game gives you a lot more time of replay value.