Get ready for some fun with the most wanted action game of all time. Clash of clans is the most played game among both teenagers and adults. But as it is an action game, it requires an adult guidance and needs to confirm first if the child is above 13 year of age. But besides being an action game, there is no such graphic content being displayed in it.

Clash of clans, as the name indicates is actually a clash among two different clans in order to protect their villages. It was originally released back in 2012 and after that up till now, it has become very famous. As it is a strategic game, that’s why it becomes different from all the other action games.

Moreover, it is very easy to play though. Every clan maintains its village and is then attacked by another clan. And in order to protect your village, you then need to forge an army and fight against it.

There is another interesting thing about this game, and that is its multiplayer mode which allows more players to attack and in return, there are shouts and cries heard everywhere. The attackers cannot communicate among each other at the time of attack.

Try it!

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