Fruit ninja is a fruit cutting game with a sword. But it is not at all violent. It just needs cutting of the fruits. If you are pissed off at anybody and want to just rip their head off, then instead of doing a criminal act and ending up in jail, it is better that you play fruit ninja and take your frustration off on your fruits instead of taking it off on someone’s head.

If all the parents out there are getting concerned about the fact that it is a cutting game so it would involve some kind of violence, then it is to inform all the parents that it is not at all like that. Your finger acts as a sword with which you cut the suddenly popping up fruits.

And there is no other violence involved, as a matter of fact; the only juice that is being spilled out in this game is the fruit juice. It is just as simple and more fun simultaneously. Random fruits get tossed up in front of you in the air, and you just have to slice them up by using your finger movements acting as a sword.

Have a nice slicing day!

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