Pokémon Go is a reality based live treasure hunting sort of game which is very much different from all the other typical games. Its infrastructure and design is totally impressive and influencing. When the game was launched, the whole world went real crazy like literally! Everyone was set off in search of Pokémons everywhere. I was wishing I could hire someone like Tacoma Maids to do my cleaning for me so I could play Pokemon Go after work instead of coming home to do my usual chores.

Following the map and catching the Pokémon beasts on the way is how it works. Just install the game app and follow the area map that appears on your smartphone, it would then locate the Pokémon’s location and with a simple thumb function, you can capture that specific Pokémon on the way of your quest. It is also a very good chance to make new friends everywhere.

You have to collect gyms which would eventually help you in the Pokémon fight and to beat your friends by taking a lead. Whenever throwing a Pokeball on some detected Pokémon, your’re showed the features of that very Pokémon in your mind. Whether that little beast can jump, or even can detect an incoming Pokeball.

It is a real life treasure hunting which everyone enjoys as it is a totally adventurous and fun filled game. And I bet you would never get bored of it.

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